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Buk & Nola is the perfect place to find finishing touches for your decor or a special gift for a friend. Our shop’s warm and cozy vibes will make you feel right at home.

Founded in 2009, the boutique initially focused entirely on home decor by offering an eclectic mix of upcycled furniture, custom lamp shades and British and California inspired homewares. Buk & Nola has expanded over the years and now offers a well-curated selection of lifestyle accessories and gifts.

The shop is nestled in the charming Petit Laurier district, a great destination for shopping located just north of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Surrounded by cafes, restaurants, quaint shops and a marvelous park, there is no better place to stroll around and experience a typical Montreal day.

The Founders

This is us, Laurence and Caroline, moms, friends and owners of Buk & Nola since 2009. Brought together by our love of carefully decorated spaces, we believe that surrounding yourself with beautiful objects will bring joy into your life!

Today, we are surrounded by our wonderful team and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share our know-how with you. Whether at the shop, through our interior design services or social media we are passionate as when we first started this beautiful journey.

We look forward to seeing you!

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